Fax to Email

Pros and Cons Of Fax 2 Email Services

Almost all businesses today are required to operate within extremely tight budgetary guidelines in order to be able to compete in their respective markets and in order to be able to turn a profit consistently every month for their investors. One of the most important areas for any business is effective communication and the transfer of information and for most businesses this means having a solid and effective fax system in place.

In most instances owning and maintaining a dedicated fax machine or even a number of dedicated fax machines has been the exclusive domain of larger businesses and corporations while the majority of smaller businesses had to make do with leasing or renting a fax machine on a month to month basis. Conventional fax machines are often more trouble than they are worth but these fax machine related problems are all a thing of the past with the introduction of email to fax.

The fax to email technology replaces bulky and cumbersome, expensive fax machines with a one hundred percent trouble free virtual fax environment. This is because fax to email services utilise the internet and a broadband internet connection in place of a dedicated fax machine and a dedicated fax phone line. Below is a brief look at both the pros and the cons of a fax 2 email service, there are of course far more pros to the technology than there are cons.


  • Easy to use, as easy as using your regular email account
  • Virtual so there is no need for hardware or phone lines
  • Can be used on any device that is capable of internet access
  • Fully scalable can fit any business size
  • Fully mobile, can use the service anywhere there is an internet connection
  • No need for consumables like paper and ink
  • No more high energy bills
  • No need for a fax machine service contract
  • Each employee can have their own free fax number
  • Can use your existing fax number
  • Can store important faxes online via a cloud service for up to five years
  • Increased productivity
  • Extremely low cost with some fax 2 email elements being absolutely free



There are very few cons associated with email to fax services with perhaps only a hand full that may concern some users, these include:

  • Outgoing email faxes may contain advertising on the cover page
  • Any internet downtime could affect the service