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Online fax services are fast becoming the more favoured choice when it comes to choosing a faxing solution. Learning how to send a fax from a computer is easy and will save you a huge amount of time and money in the future. There are many benefits that come with opting for an online faxing solution.

One of the biggest benefits of sending fax via the internet is that it will save you a lot of time. Online faxing solutions are a lot more convenient and efficient than traditional fax machines. You will no longer have to waste valuable time going into the office just to send a fax or wait around the fax machine for an incoming fax or delivery report. Simply log into your email account and manage your faxes from there.

Another benefit that comes with learning how to send a fax from a computer is that it is a lot cheaper than traditional fax methods. Users would not have to spend money buying a fax machine, installing a dedicated fax line and buying paper and toner for the machine. In fact, there are many online fax providers that allow users to sign up and receive faxes free of charge. Even paid services work out to much cheaper than traditional fax methods.

It is quite simple to learn how to send a fax from a computer. There are two main ways in which this can be done, i.e. via your email account or via the online portal provider by your service provider. Most users find the email method to be a lot more convenient. In this case, you would log onto your email account as per normal. You would then select the compose email option and attach the documents that would like to fax through. The relevant fax number/s would be entered into the recipient field. These numbers would have to be entered using a particular format that would be specified by your online fax service provider. You would then simply click send and the delivery report would be sent through to your email address once delivered.