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Fax to emailChoosing to send fax from PC, smartphone or tablet applications is a choice that is fast becoming the preferred options. Many people feel that traditional fax machines will soon be completely replaced by their more convenient and modern counterpart. Online fax solutions are easy to use, convenient, affordable and efficient.

Learning how to send fax from PC, smartphone or tablet applications is quite easy to learn. The first step would be to understand that these applications manage your faxes as a digital file. So, you would need to have a digital copy of the file on hand in order to fax it using your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can scan documents in order to convert them into digital files or you can send any document that is already saved on your computer.

Email accounts are the most preferred application that online fax users make use of. This allows them to manage their faxes in the same application and in the same way that they would manage their emails. In order to send fax from pc, smartphone or tablet email applications, users would have to log into their email account after their online fax registration has been completed. Sending a fax is then as simple as composing a new email. You would simply attach the documents that you would like to fax through and ensure the recipient’s fax number into the field where you would usually enter their email address. You would, however need to use a specific format when entering the recipient’s fax number and this is usually specified by the online fax service provider.

Sending a fax via your email account is very easy and receiving faxes via your email account is even easier. All incoming faxes would be delivered to you as an email with the faxed documents attached. You may then decide whether you would like to archive it, delete or print it out. Due to the fact that you get to decide which faxes need to be printed and which can be kept in a digital format, you would drastically cut back on the amount of paper used by your office.

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